Amino Lean

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Improve energy levels and increase exercise performance with this all-new, lightly carbonated, refreshing, and ready-to drink version of AminoLean. Drink AminoLean anytime you need a boost of clean energy from natural caffeine, whether it’s in the gym, at work or school, in your home or wherever your journey may take you.

Available in: 12oz and 8oz CANS

IDDescriptionUPC (12oz – 12 PER CASE)
3193Strawberry Melon8-50019-46999-8
3194Blood Orange8-50019-46977-6
3195Berry Alixir8-50019-46974-5
3196Cherry Lime8-50048-50802-6

IDDescriptionUPC (8oz – 12 PER CASE)
3198Strawberry Melon8-50048-50810-1
3199Blood Orange8-50048-50812-5
3200Berry Alixir8-50048-50814-9
3201Cherry Lime8-50048-50816-3