Arizona Tall Boys

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Sit back and imagine yourself relaxing on a picture perfect porch for this one. AriZona Sweet Tea delivers the nostalgic homemade taste of southern style iced tea with just the right amount of sweetness.

Available in: 23oz CANS, 24 PER CASE

1637  BLUEBERRY WHITE6-13008-73102-1
1990  GREEN TEA6-13008-75115-9
1991  SWEET TEA6-13008-75121-0
1992  RX ENERGY6-13008-75124-1
1993  ARNOLD PALMER LITE6-13008-75118-0
2023  FRUIT PUNCH6-13008-75130-2
2024  MUCHO MANGO6-13008-75133-3
2025  WATERMELON6-13008-75127-2