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HOIST is clinically proven to:

– Hydrate 110% better than water*

– Keep you hydrated longer than water*

The question is, how? HOIST’s effectiveness has to do with something called osmolality. Osmolality is a measure of how much one substance has dissolved in another substance. The higher the osmolality, the greater the concentration of the dissolved substance. One way to think of it is, osmolality is a lot like density.  

Osmolality is measured in milliosmoles per kilogram (mOsm/kg). Human blood plasma has an average osmolality of 290 mOsm/kg. HOIST’s average osmolality is 280 mOsm/kg. That means HOIST is formulated to match natural human osmolality, so the body doesn’t have to move water, electrolytes, or carbohydrates into or out of your digestive system before absorption. HOIST just goes right to work hydrating, restoring, replenishing, and revitalizing your movement and your focus. 

Available in: 16oz PET

IDDescriptionUPC (12 PER CASE)
4337STRAWBERRY LEMONADE8-59520-00237-3
4338DRAGON FRUIT8-59520-00241-0
4339PEACH MANGO8-59520-00244-1
4340BLAZE ORANGE8-59520-00239-7
4341BLUE RAPBERRY8-59520-00265-6
4343BLACK CHERRY8-59520-00281-6