Sparkling Ice +Caffeine

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Amp up your water with caffeine

Crush your thirst and your to-do list with Sparkling IceĀ® +Caffeine. Zero-sugar sparkling water with vitamins and antioxidants plus a little caffeine refresh.

Available in: 16oz CANS

IDDescriptionUPC (12 PER CASE)
1903 ORANGE PASSIONFRUIT0-16571-95282-2
1905 STRAWBERRY CITRUS0-16571-95283-9
1982 BLACK RASPBERRY0-16571-95386-7
1983BLUE RASPBERRY0-16571-95384-3
1984 TRIPLE CITRIS0-16571-95382-9
2205 CHERRY VANILLA0-16571-95514-4
2647 WATERMELLON LEMONADE0-16571-95743-8
2838TROPICAL PUNCH0-16571-95282-2
2674 VARIETY PACK0-16571-95789-6